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Nadiir King

What is a WishRock®?

A WishRock is a dream you carry in your pocket. It is a wish from the heart. It inspires us to believe in ourselves, to follow our dreams, and to reach out to others along the way. A WishRock keeps you close to your hopes, your dreams and the people you love.

When you have a WishRock, you are reminded "anything is possible if you believe in yourself." Use it to jump start your future, to teach a child a valuable lesson, to share a special memory or family tradition. Whatever your wish, it is an extension of you - a simple gesture that will serve as a constant reminder of your care and support. A gesture worth repeating until everyone, in every corner of the earth, is touched by a single act of kindness.

A WishRock. . .

Light enough to carry in your pocket.

Strong enough to hold the weight of your dreams.