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About Us

Who We Are
WishRock Enterprises LLC is a kid-inspired family-owned and operated limited liability company in the State of New Jersey reaching teachers, parents and children throughout the United States.

Mission Statement
Through My WishRock
®, we remind children and adults that "anything is possible if you believe in yourself." By encouraging adults and children to "believe in yourself, follow your dreams and reach out to help others along the way," this message of hope, inspired by our own children, will positively touch and enrich the lives of others.

Message to Adults and Children of All Ages
This mystical rock, borne of the moon and stars, keeps us connected to our hopes, our dreams, and the people we love. My WishRock, inspired by our very own children, celebrates the innocence of childhood. It reminds us of a time when wishing on a star was a meaningful life experience - a rite of passage that symbolizes your commitment to yourself, your family, your children and the endless power of a dream.

My WishRock reminds us to teach our children to care - for themselves and others - and to believe that they can - and do - make a difference.

A WishRock is a dream you carry in your pocket.
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The WishRock® Statement of Belief

Today I Will Teach A Child To Dream
If I teach my children to dream
They will learn to reach higher
Than what their eyes can see.
Where questions find hope.
For it is not how much we have that defines us
But how much we give
To the generations that follow.
So they will remember us
Not as someone who used to be
But as one who is.
Like the moon.

By Dorette Rota Jackson
on Behalf of WishRock Enterprises LLC