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Fundraising Programs

Looking for a successful new program to add to your fundraising lineup!

In order to be successful, you have to raise more than funds, you must raise awareness for your cause.

For the same price you'd pay for most premiums including caps and T - Shirts, your donors will receive a unique gift to share with their families - something that provides the memorable impact your campaign needs to grow your valuable list of individual and corporate contributors. Just deduct the unit cost from each donor contribution and retain the rest towards your fundraising tally! Or, solicit a sponsor to cover the entire unit cost of My WishRock premium and retain the entire campaign contribution!
Unit cost of My WishRock depends on quantities ordered.

My WishRock is a unique and memorable fundraising program!

What are the benefits to my organization?

  • Opportunity to offer a memorable premium in exchange for a pre-determined donation/pledge (Strategy 1) or offer a memorable premium with nothing in exchange but funded exclusively by sponsors (Strategy 2).
  • Chance to acknowledge donors with an exclusive gift that will help generate and maintain contributions.
  • Customized sales and promotional support available through WishRock Enterprises makes your campaign easy and cost - effective.
  • Customized packaging promotes your organization, your sponsors and your charitable causes for maximum exposure and increased awareness.
  • Direct product shipment is available from WishRock Enterprises' fulfillment center to individual mailing addresses or nonprofit organization sites.

Sign up today!

It's easy! All you have to do is:
1) Identify a fundraising partner to sponsor your campaign (or sponsor it yourself!).
2) Identify the charity or fund that you would like to support.
3) Discuss your customized program with a WishRock representative.
4) Place your order.
5) Let WishRock Enterprises help you do the rest!

Fact #1:
People who give to charitable causes want to be sure that their donations are well spent. * Fundraisers should be prepared to answer questions like:

  • What is your organization's mission?
  • What is the mission of your charitable group?
  • What does the charity do? Who do they serve?
  • How will my donation be spent?
  • What else can I do to help the cause?

Fact #2:
More than 80 percent of the money raised by charities in this country comes from individuals. *
In order to gain awareness and support for your fundraising efforts, you have to create an emotional bond with your contributors.

Fact #3:
People who give to a charitable cause want to be acknowledged for their participation. *
My WishRock is a unique and memorable gift that donors enjoy sharing with their families or sending to a child in need.

Fact #4:
Individual responsibility is the best way to solve community problems. *

My WishRock's message to "reach out to others" encourages participation.

Fact #5:
Young people are interested in serving their communities because they want to make a difference for others and feel good about themselves.*

My WishRock offers organizations the opportunity to appeal to a new generation of supporters that understands the need for charitable giving and recognizes the positive impact of generosity.

*Source: Council of Better Business Bureaus

What makes My WishRock® a successful fundraising tool?

My WishRock is an effective fundraising tool because it educates donors about your cause, elicits an emotional response AND immediately acknowledges them for their generosity.

How will My WishRock help my organization raise money for our charitable cause?
Since one of your key goals is to attract attention to your cause, My WishRock will help you create an emotional bond with your donors. Here's how: If you are trying to raise money and awareness for a children's charity, there's no better way than to focus attention on kids. By giving a donation in exchange for the heartwarming message that My WishRock offers, adults who participate in this fundraising effort will have a direct impact on the life of a child.

How can donors share My WishRock with their families and children?
Involving children in charitable giving is a worthwhile teaching opportunity. Children learn the value of generosity when they see adults sharing their time and money helping those less fortunate. My WishRock helps adults talk to children about reaching out to others and help them realize that they can and do make a difference in their lives.

If you have any questions or are interested in a customized WishRock fundraising program, please contact Dorette Rota Jackson, Marketing Director, WishRock Enterprises LLC at