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Nadiir King

The Inspiration

Michael first mentioned his WishRock at the age of three while in a hospital for his first of many hospital visits. He was not afraid as long as his WishRock was with him. Weeks later, Michael shared the WishRock magic with his entire family, including his cousin Brett who was grieving over the loss of his grandfather. This simple gesture - the sharing of a "wishrock" - was his way of reaching out to comfort others. Michael's wishrock is the inspiration behind the popular children's storybook - a tale that has been inspiring children to believe in their dreams. This mystical rock, borne of the imagination of a special child, keeps all of us connected to our dreams, our hopes, our memories, and the people we love.

Inspired by children who dream, My WishRock is a special way that adults can share the value of generosity with the youngsters in their lives - helping them to realize that they can and do make a difference when they reach out to help others. To help them feel the pride that comes with reaching out to others, a portion of the proceeds from My WishRock benefits the Children's Wish Foundation International

Anything is possible if you believe in yourself.®