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Motivational Workshops

What's the best way to inspire young writers?
Teach them to dream!

"Boring essays about summer vacation are long gone," according to children's author, Dorette Rota Jackson.

"Today's kids want to be challenged. Reading and writing are very personal experiences for them…they're extensions of their own personalities."

"Read Me," a creative writing workshop for elementary school students, is a unique, interactive program that helps kids focus on their dreams, their goals, their ability to communicate, Jackson explained. "Every child has something to say. Some are just more comfortable saying it!"

Author of My WishRock®, a heartwarming tale about a little boy who believes in himself and the power of his wish, Jackson encourages parents to "teach your children to dream." They will learn to appreciate simple childhood rituals like wishing on a star-experiences that spark their creativity and motivate them to read and write more, she said.

This 45-minute, hands-on workshop gets youngsters involved with the writing process, from generating ideas to drafting a story. Students are invited to share their "books" with their classmates, demonstrating that writing styles are as unique-and creative! -as
the authors themselves.

Dwight Counsel, Principal of Blackwood Elementary School, called Jackson an "outstanding author and motivational speaker. It is obvious to me that she enjoys sharing her experiences with young people and watching the lamps of learning burn in the minds of children. Our children were actively engaged throughout each presentation…they wrote their own books and presented them to their classmates."

Most recently, My WishRock® was available to more than 50,000 participants in the Philadelphia Free Library's 2003 Summer Reading Program. According to librarian Marilyn Barr of the Fumo Family Branch, "It was the most coveted prize among young readers."

My WishRock® fundraising programs, designed to help schools raise money for needed books and supplies, are also high on the request list, according to Jackson, who has been a guest author at numerous schools and libraries throughout the region.

Cost for the 45-minute Read Me workshop is $249 ($199 @ for two or more sessions). To book your session or to learn more about My WishRock and its fundraising programs, contact WishRock Enterprises LLC at

How you can help

There are many ways that you can help bring the WishRock inspiration to adults and children of all ages. You can serve as a volunteer and organize a special event to raise awareness and funding for a special cause, you can invite your company to serve as a sponsor, or you can take advantage of career opportunities.

As an Independent Sales Consultant you will have independence, recognition, flexibility and the opportunity to be part of an organization committed to enriching the lives of families. Your journey to success begins right here!
As an Independent Sales Consultant, you:

  • operate independently of corporate management;
  • derive earnings from sales of products to the ultimate consumers;
  • are self-employed, this means you are your own boss.

Remember, hard work is rewarded! If you begin now, you'll be accumulating customer leads, acquiring customers, building your magical network of friends and potential business associates and learning the business at your own pace.

The My WishRock Opportunity Will Change Your Life

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

Here's how to get started:

1. Just email your name, mailing address, telephone number(s) and advise of the best time to contact you.

2. Once approved, you will receive a My WishRock Sales Consultant application, starter kit and detailed instructions.

3. To learn a little more, visit us at

Congratulations! You have selected a career that offers independence, recognition, flexibility and the opportunity to be a part of an organization committed to enriching lives. Welcome to the first day of a new experience.

And don't forget... your commitment to the children could DOUBLE simply by finding out about your company's policy on a Matching Gift Program. In an effort to promote philanthropic gestures by their employees, many companies will match whatever financial contribution you make to charity. Check with your human resources department to find out!