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School and Educational Programs

WishRock Enterprises Introduces An Exciting New Fundraising Program for Your School!

Did you ever wish you could inspire students to achieve their dreams, and at the same time, provide your school with the perfect fundraising opportunity? Your wish has been heard.

My WishRock® has been making its way through local schools at an exciting pace. The title of a children's book, My WishRock, was the most requested prize offered to more than 50,000 participants in the Free Library of Philadelphia's 2003 Summer Reading Program! It is a heartwarming tale about a little boy who believes in himself and the power of his wish. Three magical keepsakes accompany each book:

  • A beautiful "WishRock" stone: light enough to carry in your pocket, strong enough to hold the weight of your dreams
  • A magical pouch: a safe place to keep your WishRock
  • A mystical treasure box: to hold your dreams and wishes

Together with the book, these items remind kids (and adults!) that anything is possible if you believe in yourself.

The four-item package of My WishRock is available to your school at a group discounted price! Also, your school retains a portion of the proceeds (depending on quantities ordered) from every WishRock unit sold towards your fundraising program! It's easy. It's fun. And kids and parents love it!

In addition, a portion of the sales from My WishRock benefits the Children's Wish Foundation, proving that each of us can make a difference if we reach out to others.

WishRock Enterprises will provide you with everything you need to get started including 1) A letter to parents 2) Information about My WishRock 3) Sales Order Forms 4) Prize Packages for schools with sales of 200 units or more!

Book today and your students will have a chance to win fabulous prizes including a family fun movie package from AMC theatres.

Sign up today to include your school on the list for this exciting, one-of-a-kind fundraising program. Book now and receive a FREE sample package of My WishRock. For more information or to book your date, please contact us at

Believe in yourself. Follow your dreams. Reach out to others along the way.®