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Nadiir King

WishRock Tales

I will always think of you as one of the 'Angels' that came into my life at a time of great need!.
Dana J.
Maui, Hawaii.

My WishRock means a lot to me because it carries my dreams, hopes, wishes and secrets. I have done a lot with my wishrock. I told my wishrock all my secrets.
Philadelphia, PA

My mother gave a wishrock to all the kids at my birthday party. They liked it better than the stickers I put in their bags.
Sewell, NJ

My treasure box holds my dreams so I keep it near my bed. My WishRock holds my wishes, so I carry it with me.
Woodbury, NJ

I have been a teacher for 36 years. I believe that children need to have dreams and to believe that those dreams can come true. Children also need to believe in themselves. This product, My WishRock, teaches them to dream, set goals, and gives them a tangible place to keep those dreams (in their treasure box!). I believe this product is good for all ages because sometimes teenagers, young adults and adults forget to dream. It's only when we dream can we achieve and your product challenges us to do so. Thank you for such an inspirational item!
Ms. Phyllis
Blackwood, NJ

My WishRock means a lot to me. If I were to meet the person who made all of the wishrocks, I would have a lot to say. For now, I just want to thank that person. I also want to thank my dad. If it weren't for him, I might have never gotten to do the wishrock (you know what I mean, go outside at night and make a wish). So thanks, very much!
Your friend,
Worcester, MA

I was sick and it stopped me from doing everything I love. One night I went outside on my balcony and looked up at a star and made my wish. I was waiting weeks to feel better and guess what, I am all better! Thank you wishrock.
Philadelphia, PA

My WishRock reminds me is that my life is lucky.
Philadelphia, PA

My WishRock is special. I will never lose it. I hide it from my cousins. THAT'S WHY I LIKE WISHING FOR THINGS AND I LOVE MY WHOLE FAMILY FOREVER!
Philadelphia, PA

I wished on my wishrock the day after I got it. My wish was to help my uncle feel better. I prayed for him, too. Thanks to the person who thought of the wishrock. THANK YOU!
Philadelphia, PA

I told My WishRock that I wanted to be on the RUGRATS show.
Philadelphia, PA

I just got my wishrock today and I read the story, I loved it. I thought it was a wonderful book. It taught me that there is more to life than just living then dying! I really like this wishrock of mine. I will definitely buy one for my child one day and maybe she'll get as much joy out of it as I did!
Philadelphia, PA

Dear WishRock,
I absolutely love my wishrock. Thanks!
Philadelphia, PA

Thank you for My WishRock. My mom told me that I should always remember my dream to be an electrician. If I work hard and believe in the dream in my heart, it will come true. I will remember it every time I see my special rock.
Philadelphia, PA

Thank you for visiting our school and for My WishRock. I am going to order two more wishrocks to send to my niece and nephew. My uncle (their grandpa) passed on Monday. I can't tell you how much I appreciate My WishRock and I am glad to be able to share the message of hope with my family at this time.
Turnersville, NJ

Thank you for a wonderful writing workshop. The first and second grade teachers, students, parents and principal thought it was great! The children enjoyed making their books. We are keeping them to display at our Young Authors reception. I will share this information with other schools.
Ms. Rosalie
Turnersville, NJ

My son always lets me know how much he misses me when I go to work. One morning he handed me his wishrock and told me to keep it in my pocket until I got home. All day long, I rolled that rock around in my hand. I couldn't wait to get home to let him know that it really worked! Thanks, WishRock, for reminding me of the important things in my life.
Cape May, NJ

My little cousin's hamster died and all he did was cry. My mom told me to give him a wishrock and remind him about the happy times he spent with Henry. He stopped crying but I had to give him one of my Pokemons, too.
Philadelphia, PA

I really like My WishRock. I'm allowed to take it to school as long as I keep it in my backpack.
Philadelphia, PA

I really think that you are onto something big, here. I was having a hard time trying to explain the passing of my father to my six-year-old daughter. To be honest, I was having a hard time dealing with the grief, myself. While at the Philadelphia Gift Show, I picked up your product information and was overjoyed by the message of the wishrock. I realized that my father would always be with us, just like the man in the moon! Thank you for bringing this special gift to me in my time of need. It helped me talk to my daughter about her grandfather's death and the wishrock is a reminder of the happy memories. It was a great comfort to my whole family. I don't know how, but I intend to be a messenger for My WishRock. God bless all of you!
Freeport, NY

My Uncle Dennis just gave wishrocks to my brother Ben and me. We can hardly wait until tonight so that we can go out underneath the moon to activate them. We will be the only kids in our school to have the WishRock!
Lake Ariel, PA